One Page Sites: LiveTradingRoom and Trader Planet Book

A collection of one page sites that were created to quickly sign up traders for our newly expanded trading rooms.  We also created an eBook as an accompanying promotional item that would serve to introduce the new trading room educators to the prospective customers as well as give some basic information about the different market that they trade.

Applied Concepts

Why can’t I put the email before the name?

There was discussion on what  information we should require on the sign up form.  I initially had the email first as this it was the single most important piece of information we needed and they needed to receive the link to the room.  After this disagreement I looked into it and it turned out I was wrong. Not a groundbreaking discovery or anything but its was interesting to be able to pinpoint an exact turning point like that.

The main resource I used -

Basically, for this it gave the “right” answers for our simple form and gave us a point of reference when other items were asked to be included.

One Page Love

During this time, most of the projects I worked on time were single pages. One page sites tend have a particular style of their own and I used the site “ as a reference throughout their design. A concept that these many sites use that I also employed was the use of light and dark backgrounds to differentiate content areas.

Layout Changes

I made an effort in this project to apply increased spacing between sections, using bullets and varying font sizes to these pages for increase scanning ability and reading comfort.  I learned that even with the constraints of CSS for other parts of the site you can make simple changes that help a great deal.


What worked

  • This was a successful start in considering what information the end user might be willing to give us and not just what information we wanted. Designing the form part of my process from here on.
  • This project I feel was successful because while I didn’t/don’t know all the answers, I did start asking questions. “My job is to ask why and to answer why”

What what Didn’t Work

  • The pages were unsuccessful in their goal. While they did get some hits and sign-ups for free weeks (roughly 30 a week from about 150 views each on a modest Adword campaign), they did not get many new subscribers.
  • The main idea of these sites was to introduce the new trading room hosts with the understanding that a personal connection with the hosts are what keep people in paying month after month. This isn’t nearly as important when you are evaluating a room for the first time.