GoChart Trade Alert Widget

The Trade Alert widget is a custom widget we designed for GoChart. The goal of this particular widget was to quickly send and receive trade signals with the symbol, position and sentiments between users and educators and users and fellow users. These signals were designed to give the trader a full idea of what position a fellow trader is taking with a short glance as these setups can be very time sensitive.

In GoChart, widgets are the base level container of the program. They are meant to each perform a complete a singular task. The user has the ability to create a workspace with any collection of widgets that they feel best accomplishes their goal.

Applied Concepts

Bite, Snack, Meal

I believe that organizing the information in the Trade Alert was the defining force to it’s design. Essentially, the user had to make a at a glance decision on whether this is a signal they were interested in or if they should disregard it. I wanted to make sure the most important pieces of information were the most prevalent and easy to see.

Referencing our own SignalFeed Design, as well as other micro-blog sites like Stocktwits and Twitter. I created a sandbox style Balsamiq file  and iterated on different placements and orientations of the content. Unfortunately, much of the ideation of the Trade Alert itself was lost to a failed save.

Most of  the information that would make up a Trade Alert were known. There was information about the symbol itself, the position and sentiment, and the person who sent it. Other know information to be included was a short description and an image. From the list, I organized the information in terms of what would be the most beneficial for a user to quickly reference. Essentially this was asking the question “Who is it from? About what? What are their thoughts?”

A few decisions the layout of the Trade Alert dealt with.

  • Weighed the space saving benefits of having have an accordion-like functionality for the non-mandatory items in a trade alert.
  • Removed the title field in lieu of just having a commentary input.
  • The symbol name itself could be in a tool tip to reduce clutter.
  • Showing the attached image inside the alert of having it in a modal window.

My assumption was that a new alert would come through and provide a visual/aural queue. The user would glance over and if any particular aspect of it peaked his interest, he could go over it in greater detail. If there is enough interest, a less prominent area of more specific information could be found. If the user wanted to dive deeper, he could view the attached chart image.